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Valley Fair Mall renews its look as a community gathering space

Imagine sipping a coffee with a dear friend. You take a long, deep breath of fresh air as you stretch out on a patio chair. As you turn to look at the stunning view of Golden Ears Peak, you notice a neighbour coming over to join you and enjoy the morning sun. The community centre in the heart of Maple Ridge for over 50 years, ValleyFair Mall is recreating its look to give Maple Ridge residents more gathering spaces with a vibrant community feel.

ValleyFair Mall embraces the vision of Maple Ridge as a walkable and community-conscious city, and wanted to incorporate that vision in the mall’s new look. New features, for example, will include enlarged sidewalks and lighting, gathering spaces, and landscaping. The mall will have a completely new front façade, floors, storefronts, and lighting. The changes don’t stop there - the mall will also have a new colour scheme plus stone and cedar accents.

Current Front Facade  New Facade

The mall’s retailers are eager to serve the growing number of young families in Maple Ridge and the upgrades were planned with the needs of that emerging demographic in mind. In addition, regulars can be assured the mall will continue to offer the products and services they expect. Maple Ridge residents won’t have to wait long to enjoy the upgraded space in their community. Renovations started in March and will be complete by the end of the fall. All shops will remain open during the renovation period.

Current Mall Front  New Mall Front

Owned and operated by the Vancouver-based Bucci family for the last 30 years, ValleyFair Mall recognises its long tradition of being a core gathering space of the community. A significant portion of the 36 businesses located in the mall are locally owned and operated by people who live in Maple Ridge.

Current Look  New Look


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